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No coding required and Your App will have "Photos, Videos, Services/ Product list, Events, Offers, Deals, Location with Direction, Sharing, Reviews, Tap to Call, Link to your website, and Social pages.

Get Discovered by Billion of Shoppers

Send tailored notifications to your visitors with highly personalized discounts

Send Push Notifications

A new way to acquire, engage and retain customers

Run Loyalty Program

Complete Loyalty Marketing Software on Cloud

Make use of our AI platform

Automate Your User Journey, notify visitors of relavant deals when it matters most

Generate More Sales

Generate more leads by seeing who visits your store

QR Code Marketing

Each business location can have it's own QR Code , Plus you can begin to reach out with specific offers

Send a message or Special Offer

Send a message or Special Offer

Dial your business number

Dial your business number

Send an Email

Send an Email

Schedule and Automate Push Notifications .

Trigger messages based on the user actions. Pick out common actions like leave intent or time spent in your store or after leaving your store. Show notifications that are contextual and relevant.

Automated Notifications

Set your campaigns to repeat or specify triggers to automatically send notifications out after an event is triggered.

Timezone Delivery

Boost engagement by having your notifications deliver based on the subscribers's timezone.

Team Members

Create additional team members and grant them access to any of your sites in the dashboard.

Dynamic Notifications

Create custom tailored notifications based on custom user attributes.

Conversion Tracking

View detailed campaign reports – from sent to clicked to custom goals/conversions.

Expiring Notifications

Schedule notifications to automatically expire after hours, minutes or days.

Publish Exclusive Offers, Deals and Coupons

Reward Your Loyal Customers With Exclusive Deals. With our system, you can send coupons 100% digitally. This way, they can claim their offer anytime they like.

Generate More Sales With A Coupon

Launch multiple coupon campaigns at the same time and tweak parameters to figure out what works the best.

Run A Retargeting Campaign With Your Coupon

Customize every coupon parameter including: discount type, value, expiration date, etc

Instantly Offer Your Clients A Deal

Offer customers with the right Deals at the correct moment. Make it memorable!

Deals And Offers

Customise Your Deals And Offers

You can use time-based offers, ongoing offers (without a time limit), single or multi use offers, quantity-based offers, and exclusive offers options

Schedule your promotion

You can decide the start date and stop date. It can also run only on Weekends or particular day with start time and end time.

offers at your fingertips

Multiple campaign are allowed to run simultaniusly with different combinations like discounts and product.

Amount based discount offers

Promote product with discounted amount rather than % (if you like)

Percentage based discount

Create an offer in multiple language and our platform will display in the language user wants

Gift cards

Promote/ market using our Gift card feature to get more customers

Redemption tracking & performance reports

Get detailed reports showing ROI and user behaviour

scratch & win coupons

Add gamification to your mobile marketing with our scratch & win coupons. Consumers like to be entertained and they enjoy scratch & win campaigns because it brings fun and suspense.

Add Fun and Gamification

These onscreen cards can be triggered and delivered automatically to your customer's phone based on certain actions.

Set the Winning Odds

Prizes and rewards can be randomly generated around pre-programmed ratios. For example, 1 in 5 cards wins a prize.

Grand Prize Limitations

Set the limit for each prize. For example 2 winners for 3rd prize

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Stamp And Punch Card Programs

Make Your Offers Easier Than Ever To Claim With Our Digital Stamp And Punch Card Programs, whether it be based on a purchase, visit or another action. Examples: coffee, burger, car wash, a class, massage, haircut, visitation

* Issue your a digital Reward Card to your loyal customer

* Start Rewarding your loyal customer

* Measure effectiveness of your loyalty program

VIP or Club Card

VIP (or Club Cards) are a great way to reward your best customers with exclusive benefits.

* Make customers feel special

* Increase Customer Retention

* Better Customer Communication

Membership Points Card

A membership points program rewards your highest paying customers to come again for more.

* Reducing Unprofitable Customers

* Increase Sales

* You Can Provide In-Store Or Digital Rewards (Or Both)

Check-ins or Walk-By Card

Here’s How You Can Reward Prospects Juts For Walking By, Our platform tracks how often (and when) your customers stepped foot into your door.

* Reward shoppers just for stepping in the door

* Make new customers

* Ideal way of registering your guests and reward them

Pre-Paid Cards

Collect your payment and issue specialized stamps to your customers. They’ll earn more and more points with each purchase, which naturally urges them to come back.

* This is a perfect way to develop a relationship with customers.

* Reward your customers for paying up-front!

* Ideal for Pre-paid meal cards, Equipment rentals, Theatre tickets, etc

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